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Barack Obama: An International Embarrassment

While still in campaign mode prior the presidential election, Barack Obama’s teleprompter squandered no opportunity in sternly reminding us: George W. Bush has ruined America’s relations with every country, province and hamlet in the world – but worry not, the Citizen of the World is here to “repair” America’s oh-so-shattered international image.
A furious reparation operation was thus launched immediately upon Obama’s inauguration. It began with his opposition to free trade agreements with friendly Colombia, South Korea, and Panama. He thoroughly upset the Chinese by slapping high tariffs on their tires, and the Canadians by prohibiting Air Canada’s charter fleet from flying
Obama Repairs Relationss

Repairing Relations.

their NHL teams between U.S. cities – leading to promises of retribution from both countries. His signing of a “Buy American” clause has been methodically vilified by Brazil, Canada, China, Japan, Australia, India, Singapore, France, and the European Union, among others, some of whom have been compelled to trigger retaliatory measures.

Yes, an international trade war brought to you so swiftly and so single-handedly by the Citizen of the World himself.

Obama went on to repair our relations with the world by defiling our relations with our best friends. It began with his expulsion from the Oval Office of a Winston Churchill bust, and was followed, to the shock of the British, by the omission of a formal dinner upon Gordon Brown’s visit and a cancellation of a joint press conference due to “snow.” This was before Obama threw a box of (inoperative) DVDs at Brown in exchange for the latter lavishing Obama with a pen holder carved out of wood from a warship that helped fight slavery, not to mention other superb gifts.
Brazil also received the cold shoulder when Obama moved a visit by the Brazilian president because of St. Patrick’s Day, an event that apparently just snuck up on the White House. This was followed by the classy misspelling of the Brazilian president’s name in the official announcement. In the meantime, Americans had to read in foreign newspapers that officials overseas could not reach the Obama administration to discuss the G-20 summit because administration officials were not answering phone calls.

Switzerland is another country that has gotten its share of snubs from the Obama administration, with the financial haven having become a victim of American internal politics. In response to a controversial U.S. suit, the Swiss are now pushing for punitive measures against the U.S., including the repatriation of Swiss gold from America. And due to Obama’s vast fiscal irresponsibility, calls are increasing from around the world, including the United Nations, to replace the U.S. dollar with a different reserve currency.

Obama has also attempted to rebuild America’s image as a beacon of light by turning a blind eye to the Iranian government’s murder of pro-democracy protesters. More recently, the Nobel Peace Prize winner killed the funding of the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center, which was working hard to catalogue the human rights abuses of the Iranian regime. That’s one international bridge rebuilt – with Iran’s murderous Basij militia on the other end of it.

As part of an apology tour, Obama made a speech in Cairo that was intended to boost his reputation at the expense of America’s. His attitude was no different when, upon the election of a pro-Western parliamentary majority in Lebanon, his official statement merely praised the fact that an election happened, and not the election results themselves. Insultingly, about one third of his statement – 60 words – was literally copied and pasted from a generic section of his Cairo speech that didn’t even address Lebanon specifically.

Yet Obama had no difficulty picking sides in Honduras, where he embraced a dictatorial violator of the Honduran constitution, Manuel Zelaya, when the latter was expelled by his people due to despotic actions. Now a presidential election has been scheduled with the agreement of even those in Zelaya’s own party. The only person opposed appears to be Obama himself, a reality that has Hondurans justifiably frightened by what the American might do to get his way.

The judicious post-Bushian quasi-deity has also demonstrated his diplomatic sincerity by appointing to a variety of vital ambassadorial posts his top campaign “bundlers.” The Swiss have expressed their disapproval at Obama’s selection of Don Beyer as ambassador, preferring an individual with an understanding of financial issues and diplomatic experience. Likewise, the Japanese were disappointed by Obama’s choice of another half million dollar bundler, John Roos, interpreting the odd pick as a sign of disrespect to the world’s second largest economic power.

Strangely, all of these valiant reparation attempts by Obama have not been merrily received by the international community. Despite the siren-like beauty of Obama’s words and the incredible extent of his apologies, the Europeans have refused to send additional troops to Afghanistan. North Korea has yet to heed his call for a nuclear-free world. Few countries have volunteered to take on Guantanamo Bay prisoners. Russia is blankly watching as Obama resets relations on his own by abandoning the Central European ballistic-missile defense shield.

The British unilaterally released the man convicted of killing 270 people, including many Americans, in and above Lockerbie, Scotland. Iran is going forward with its goal of acquiring nuclear weapons. The Saudis were hardly swayed by Obama’s gentle request to relax relations with Israel. The Chinese and Indians have yet to sacrifice their economies at Obama’s environmentally-friendly feet. The Israelis and Palestinians are for once united, this time in realizing how inconsequential the American president truly is.

In March, the Pakistanis opposed cooperation with the U.S. by a disturbing margin, 61%-37%. Obama has since achieved the unimaginable by exacerbating that margin to 80%-18% – change we can believe in. Polish newspapers recently shouted “Betrayal! The U.S. sold us to Russia and stabbed us in the back,” after Obama unilaterally withdrew from an American commitment to its European ally. Czech newspapers, equally affronted, echoed the sentiment, writing that “an ally we rely on has betrayed us.” Good thing Obama is repairing Bush’s broken relations!
Two weeks ago, Chicago was one of two favorites to win their bid for the 2016 Olympics, until Obama tried to buy the Olympics with his perceived popularity (in the White House’s own words, Obama “would make a huge difference”). His appearance, however, resulted in Chicago’s elimination in the very first round of voting. According to those on the ground, security inconveniences and the fact that IOC members had to wait 45 minutes outside Michelle Obama’s door to meet her – while she was supposed to be in Copenhagen to lobby them – contributed to Chicago’s loss. So did the fact that Obama showed up at the last minute, while others had been lobbying the IOC members for far longer.

But while nearly one hundred members of the international community denied Obama the Olympics in Copenhagen, precisely five other Scandinavians attempted to make amends a few days later by lavishing Obama with the Nobel Peace Prize. Immediately, a shocked world expressed its disappointment, including peaceful former recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize. Even in Norway, a top party leader declared that the act had moved the prize away from the intent of Alfred Nobel. A British commentator put it best: “The achievements of all previous winners have been diminished.”

Yet in a stunning act of pomposity, Barack Obama has accepted the undeserved prize.

To be fair, Obama has received some praise from international leaders. Comparing Obama with Bush, dictator Hugo Chavez proclaimed that “it doesn’t smell like sulfur anymore.” Tyrant Fidel Castro announced that Obama’s U.N. speech was “brave.” Former KGB man Vladimir Putin commended Obama on his cancellation of the missile-defense shield (the aforementioned betrayal of loyal allies).

But for those members of the international community who are neither dictators nor communists, Obama has proven to be a mockery – or worse, the rare symbol of American betrayal. Unfortunately, in the alleged words of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Obama is “so egotistical that no one can dent his naïveté.”

In justifying the actions of his boss, Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs recently asserted: “I think virtually every measure of our standing in the world is different than it was just this time last year.”
We know that. And we are embarrassed.