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Ben Nelson balks at phony abortion language; now it’s time to abort deformed, unwanted ObamaCare

Every bill should be a wanted bill. It would be a shame to bring an unwanted bill into the world when you have the option of aborting it.

Call it Planned Legislation.

Bring it here.

Monstrosities often collapse under their own absurd weight, and if that’s what’s now happening to ObamaCare – and it certainly appears that it is – it’s all the more delicious that the final nail is Democrats’ absurd attempt to pretend their plan wouldn’t pay for abortions.

Fact: If abortion is legal in this country, and insurance pays for it, and tax money is used to either subsidize or regulate the workings of the health insurance industry, then tax money pays for abortions.

There is no getting around this. But Democrats must get around it, or at least convincingly appear to do so, in order to get the vote of Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Nebraska), an ardently anti-abortion Democrat who has made clear from the outset that he won’t support any bill that uses federal money to pay for abortion.

In order get ObamaCare through the House by a tiny 220-215 margin, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accepted strong anti-abortion language inserted by Michigan Democrat Bart Stupak – language that everyone knew would not be in the Senate version, and would certainly not make a dramatic comeback in conference committee if the bill ever got that far.

It was a fraud, designed to move the process forward until Democrats could figure out how to pretend they’re not going to pay for abortions, even though they are.

In order to overcome Nelson’s objections, they tried two ploys. First, they offered an “opt-out” provision that would supposedly allow individuals paying for government-offered or government-regulated health insurance to stipulate that the money for their premiums could not be used to pay for an abortion.

This is a complete joke, and it didn’t fool Nelson for a second. The United Way, which has historically allocated money to abortion providers, has tried the same scam for years. They tell donors that they can earmark their contribution to a given organization, or request that their donation not be used for a given organization.

These stipulations are meaningless for the simple reason that money is fungible.

Say I collect $100,000 in premiums. I need to use $5,000 of it to pay for abortions and the other $95,000 for other things. A total of $17,000 came from premium payers who insisted their money not be used to pay for abortions. Big deal. I’ve got $83,000 left. It doesn’t change my overall allocation formula in the slightest.

The government would do it exactly the same way, as would any insurance company operating under federal regulations.

The other gimmick the Democrats attempted was to define as “private money” any funds that might be used to pay for an abortion. Nelson wasn’t buying that either.

It’s not impossible the Democrats could come back wth some sort of new language that satisfies Nelson, but he seems pretty serious about sticking to his guns here, and it’s hard to see how he goes ahead and caves because Harry Reid gives him some gimmicky wording more convincing than the claptrap he’s already rejected.

It appears he really wants an assurance that ObamaCare won’t fund abortion, just like Stupak did.

And there’s no way, in practice, that’s going to happen. You simply can’t put the government in control of health care to the extent that the Democrats want to do and still try to pretend that this one political hot-potato of a procedure only exists in the private sector. In truth, the private sector pretty well disappears under ObamaCare as far as health care is concerned. Even without the public option or the Medicare expansion, the extent to which Democrats set the rules of the game essentially puts the entire health care industry under new management – theirs.

They presume to convene cost-competitiveness panels to micromanage decisions on everything from major surgery to back pain medication to end-of-life care. But abortion? Oh. They have nothing whatsoever to do with that.

Sure they don’t. Nelson isn’t buying it, and neither is anyone else who understands what this atrocious bill really is.

It is part of the beauty of our system of government that, even with their huge majorities, Democrats are finding it so difficult to get this massive power grab passed. The more things you stick your noses into, the more chances you run into resistance, even from someone within your own caucus, who is willing to stand in the gap out of personal principle.

They can’t get a public option because Joe Lieberman isn’t willing to countenance the nonsense that it won’t explode the already gargantuan deficit. They can’t pay for abortion because they can’t get Ben Nelson to pretend they won’t.

And when you add up all the nonsense they’re attempting to stick into this thing, maybe, just maybe, they won’t be able to get 60 senators to sign off on any form. And maybe, just maybe, the only abortion the Democrats are going to set in motion here is of this bill.

That’s just as well. To apply the usual Democratic logic on abortion, the bill is deformed and would be a burden on society. It’s unwanted.

And you know what? I don’t think even they really want to adopt it.