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Just ask Hugo Chavez: ‘Climate change’ is all about subsidizing socialism

The United Nations Global Climate Conference in Copenhagen has attracted the world’s dictators and socialists, who hope to receive massive redistributed wealth from the United States and other developed countries.

To them, global warming is irrelevant. It is an excuse to extort trillions of dollars from capitalist nations to bolster their own failing socialistic economies. If there was any doubt, the appearance of Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez at the conference should remove it. Chavez received a standing ovation from like-minded socialists when he said, “Our revolution seeks to help all people…socialism, the other ghost that is probably wandering around this room, that’s the way to save the planet, capitalism is the road to hell….let’s fight against capitalism and make it obey us.”

Road to hell? No other economic system has ever produced more wealth and prosperity in the history of man. But in the minds of socialists and Marxists, capitalism is the evil of the world. Capitalism and democracy stops dictators and promotes prosperity wherever it is tried, and Chavez and his friends know it. Socialists see the global warming hysteria as a way to take a shortcut to prosperity at the expense of the U.S. and other fully developed nations. And misguided leaders of developed nations are lining up to sign on to this Ponzi scheme.

On the heels of Chavez’s rants, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pronounced the U.S. willing to contribute to a $100 billion annual fund by 2020 to help the poorest nations survive financially when global warming droughts and floods arrive. What happens if the U.S. is bankrupt by 2012 because of unchecked taxing and spending by a shameless Congress? What nations will pool their money to rescue us? Doesn’t it make sense to spend the money only if droughts or floods happen? Does our Secretary of State really believe socialist dictators will use the money for its intended purpose and not use the money to keep themselves in power?

This sounds like an Ian Fleming novel. Where’s James Bond when you need him to destroy the evil Al Gore’s snow-capped mountain castle hideout where his Internet servers control the minds of gullible scientists?

There is a correlation between socialism and “underdeveloped” nations. Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela and Bolivia readily come to mind. Where will they fall on the list of nations receiving such aid?

Global warming hysteria will inevitably be the excuse for a “world tax.” Anyone who pollutes the planet by using energy for airline travel, motor fuel or electricity will be taxed. That money will be spread around the world to enhance socialism. When this happens, the redistribution of the world’s wealth will be complete, just as Secretary Clinton, President Obama and their friends envision.

Without global warming or climate change, there is no emergency to use as an excuse to tax rich nations into the ground. These alarmists, led by Al Gore, cleverly use “climate change” to spread socialism at the expense and detriment of the United States.

Despite the revelation of scientists cooking the research books to match their hypothesis, global warming alarmists continue with their dire predictions of the end of humanity. Any objective observer will conclude that the evidence does not prove man has any influence on the natural development of the planet. They ignore historical data and beat the drums of hysteria all the harder. These Kook-Aid drinkers want you to be childless, meatless, carless and homeless to cut down on CO2 emissions, the very substance that sustains life.

They are hell bent on redistributing the world’s wealth to countries that refuse to take the necessary steps to achieve prosperity by providing democracy, education, lower taxes and deregulation to expand economic opportunities for their people. Socialists blame their failures on capitalism, which has produced the greatest standards of living the world has ever known.

The Copenhagen global warming conference is merely a vehicle for poor countries to receive global welfare. Instead of raising the standard of living for some, it will result in the decline of the standard of living for all.

M calling double-oh-seven, come in please.