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The North Star National launched on September 14, 2009 – the logical outgrowth of the North Star Writers Group syndicate, which began serving American newspapers with opinion and feature material in December 2005.

Our mission is to bring American readers the latest, most thought-provoking news, opinion and features, as it happens.

We are also committed to rising above the trend that seems to pigeonhole most online media into one ideological camp or another. Among our writers are conservatives, liberals and those who defy labeling. All are upfront about their biases, as we find it quite silly for media to pretend they are truly “objective.” Everyone has opinions, and everyone’s opinions influence their news judgment to one degree or another.

The only difference between us and anyone else is that we’ll tell you about it upfront.

The divergence of viewpoints among our writers has also been known to make for some good debates, sometimes among the writers themselves, and you’ll be able to not only witness that but take part.

Some of our writers have names you will recognize. They’ve earned their reputations and we’re proud to have them. Others will be new to you, but they’ve shown us a lot, and we know you’ll be as impressed by their work as we have been.

Finally, we promise you this: Above all else, you’ll get substance here. If there’s an issue to debate, we’ll put the substance ahead of the politics. You can read the poll numbers, or the horse-race analysis, anywhere. Here you’ll get the facts about what the issues mean for the American people.

So come along for the ride, and sign up to comment.  We’re just getting started.

Dan Calabrese
Editor in Chief
North Star National writers include: Herman Cain, Bob Franken, Tina Trimble Belliston, Joe Bell, Dan Calabrese, David B. Livingstone, Brett Noel, Lucia de Vernai, Kelly Anderson Wright, Jessica Vozel, David Karki, Bob Batz, Mike Ball, Candace Talmadge, Gregory D. Lee, Bob Maistros, Paul Ibrahim, Dan Sherrier, Andy Hefty, Steven Hutson, Ashley Stinnett, Mark Watson.