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Eric Massa may be nuts, but at least Congress is saving money on shower curtains

Finally, Congress is demonstrating a modicum of fiscal responsibility! According to Congressman Eric Massa (D-New York) congressional shower stalls no longer have shower curtains.

Imagine the dozens of dollars being saved. Maintenance crews no longer have to expend time cleaning up after congressional showers. Eliminating the repeated cleaning of the evil plastic curtains will significantly reduce the use of wretchedly anti-environmental cleaning products.

Clean as a whistle.

So far, Massa is the only congressman to object to showering sans privacy curtains. After all, members of Congress should have nothing to hide, particularly among their brethren members.

Congressman Barney Frank (D-Massachusetts) reportedly supports the shower curtain ban and has volunteered to patrol the showers to enforce the ban.

Curtainless showers were first brought to light during a radio interview of Massa on Sunday when he regaled his host and listeners about a confrontation in the shower with a naked Rahm Emanuel.

“Do you how hard it is arguing with a naked man?” he asked.

Emanuel allegedly poked Massa in the chest, with a finger, demanding the New York Democrat vote for President Obama’s budget.

Massa described the confrontation as a profanity-laced rant by the two. According to Massa, he suggested Emanuel perform physically impossible acts upon himself.

Massa claims that Emanuel said, “There’s no reason for you to swear at me.” Not to be outdone, Massa cleverly retorted, “You’re the one that unlit on me first and I’m gonna give as good as I get.”

Na na na na na.

Here is Massa’s full account.

The confrontation apparently ended with Massa telling the White House Chief of Staff, “Rahm, let’s have a conversation. You pretend that you’re …the chief of staff to the president of the United States of America and I’m a sitting member of Congress.”

Imagine, fiscal responsibility and maturity in Congress at the same time. It’s a beautiful thing.

Massa told his audience that he was set up for failure in Congress from the beginning of his tenure and that Emanuel was a key orchestrator in the plot to get rid of him.

Since the early 2009 alleged shower stall confrontation, Massa has voted against the president’s misnamed health reform measures, cap and trade and the Obama budget. Massa railed against fellow Democrats after the Washington Post reported he was facing an ethical investigation for alleged inappropriate sexual attention paid to some of his male staff members.

According to Massa, the Post article proved that Democratic Party leaders conspired to force him out of office so they would have an easier time approving the health care reform bill.

Massa and 38 other House Democrats voted against ObamaCare in November.

As a parting shot, Massa claimed that “Rahm Emanuel is son of the devil’s spawn. He is an individual who would sell his mother to get a vote. He would strap his children to the front end of a steam locomotive.”

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs dismissed Massa’s allegations of a White House-orchestrated scheme to oust the congressman: “The notion the White House had anything to do with the series of events…as I said this morning was silly and ridiculous.”

Massa resigned from the House on Monday. On Tuesday’s Glenn Beck’s Fox News Channel show Massa changed his tune.

“I wasn’t forced out,” he said. “I forced myself out.”