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Palin is going to destroy the Reagan legacy

All right, polish your guns and sharpen your knives. I’m taking on Sarah Palin today because, in my opinion, she’s doing something horrible. She’s destroying the legend of Ronald Reagan in the eyes of the next generation.

Being a fairly well-informed next generational myself, I understand a few things here. For one, Ronald Reagan was a human being that made mistakes. So is Sarah Palin. I see the comparisons, and by some stretch, a few of the similarities. But here’s the deal:

Cease and desist.
Ronald Reagan has become a God-like figure in the Republican Party. He’s our rally cry. He’s where we point when we’re challenged to define what our goal is. He’s in the realm of justification, meaning if you can point to where “Reagan did it”, you can justify your position on something. I’d like to emphasize that what is often pointed to are his actions. Not the man himself as a whole.

This is where I think Sarah Palin-ites are becoming a problem. In an effort to defend her, they’re dragging out the Reagan calls to excuse the reasons her message only resonates with certain right-wing elements and not the rest of America.

They’re not comparing just her accomplishments and background to Reagan. They’re comparing her as a person to Reagan, as in, Sarah is Ronald.

Not only do I disagree with that sentiment, but I also disagree with her ability to inspire people like he did, which personally I think is ultimately what defines the Reagan legend. If we want to play the ratings game, invoking that travel show and Bristol’s dancing debut, we’ll have to review all the shows that have scored higher ratings over the years. The translation is that yes, she’s sensational in the pop-culture world. But that doesn’t mean we want her as president, and that doesn’t mean she makes us feel good about being Republicans – something else Ronnie did.

What I see going on is that the Palin-Reagan comparisons are dragging down the Reagan legend. For the younger generation that only knows Reagan as the no-nonsense defender of freedom that saved us from Carterville, seeing all these folks compare Palin, someone that many of us see as…not so great…is taking down Reagan with the Palin mortar blast. I almost want to find a new hero. If liking Reagan means I have to stand with Palin…I don’t even want to get into that.

Full disclosure – yes, I’m a full tank Mitt Romney girl. Yeah, when I listen to Reagan and Romney speeches back to back, sometimes I think it’s Reagan when it’s Romney. That’s not too far to stretch being that Romney has purposefully had his speechwriters study the elements of Reagan’s public appearances and pulled the parts that resonated best. And both being male with somewhat similar vocal tones, I’m really not being out of line here.

To make my point I’ll even acknowledge that Jim DeMint looks like Reagan, and I am by no means on the DeMint bandwagon. My backing of Romney is not that he’s the “next Reagan”. It’s that I don’t have to question whether he can fix the economic problems in this country. His record proves that he can and will.

So there needs to be more caution and consideration when it comes to throwing around the Reagan legend or we’re going to doom it to the dustbin of history once the next generation comes around to being in charge of the direction in this country. Do you want us following in Reagan’s footsteps or finding our way in the Bush/Obama world, ignoring an inspirational legend over a pop-culture…whatever she is…?

If things keep up this way, Palin will kill the image of Reagan in the eyes of the next generation.